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That Certain Feeling



paintings with feeling -unique minimal art - thin red line

I want to put emotion in art. I endeavor to create visible feelings to express what cannot be expressed in words.

To create paintings with feeling is my goal.  There are probably no words to describe the emotion in the art but it is there for sure... that certain feeling.

My biggest complement is to hear "I love it but I don't know why." That tells me the viewer has made an emotional connection that is their own personal interpretation.

minimalist paintings for sale

orange minimalism – calming depths

Original Minimalist Painting   In this orange minimal painting nothing is absolutely clear but painted in a minimal way. The large rectangle creates a sense of space with one or two small rectangles to add intrigue. The large space is surrounded by interesting...
minimal painting - ma

minimalist painting from alan brain – ma

Original Minimalist Painting   This minimalist painting reveals details reluctantly after a search - and then you discover more. That is typical of minimal art which cannot be appreciated with just a glance. It can be perplexing to try to understand what it is...
minimal artwork in watercolour - remember Skip

Minimal Artwork – Remember Skip

And then this painting emerged. Skip, my mentor stopped me adding any more. It is what I have been trying to do ever since.

geometric abstraction with quiet minimal shapes

Geometric Abstract Painting with minimal shapes – Expectations

 Original Minimalist Painting   geometric abstraction is used here to create a large area of deep space. Quiet minimal art intended to provide an area where the viewer can let their imagination expand and to travel to places far away. Called "Expectations" to...
minimal abstract artwork alm art

minimal abstract artwork – calm art – oneness

Calm Art a Minimalist Painting   Abstract artwork requires the viewer to decide what the painting represents and this minimal example creates tranquility - serene calm art. Colour intensities are used here to enable the viewer to appreciate the complete painting...
contemporary emotional paintings the art of minimalism so simple

contemporary emotional paintings art of minimalism – so simple

Original Minimalist Painting   The art of minimalism is not new and examples abound in our cluttered world. The Japanese were perhaps the first to paint and design in a minimal way and now contemporary emotional paintings can regularly be found in a minimal form....

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about the artist

Self-taught artist whose work has developed through geometric abstraction to surrealism and is now  minimalism. The artist is driven by the desire to get emotion in art.

He uses space and symbols to express inner feelings that intrigue the viewer.

Through the years of painting the artist's work has evolved and several distinct approaches are evident now, such as...

 surreal art  which is a fairly new experience. The combination of real and imaginary shapes with strong colours is appealing and a powerful way to create emotion in art.

Geometric art  emerged early, the artist clearly has a penchant for rectangles and other geometric shapes.

Minimalism has been a theme throughout the artist's work and predominates now. Saying more with less is a particular goal.

No artist's journey would be complete without figure work, Alan quickly abstracted the figures to portray the body language in his art.

Several powerful series have emerged each one related to the nature of the artist - such as aviation art  (Alan is a pilot) and strong reactions to war and the pollution of our planet. There are more to come and each one will be an original abstract painting


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Highcliffe Dorset BH23 5HW

Alan works in his studio gallery in Dorset England and visitors are always welcome. Come to see the paintings for real and  view some work in progress.

Discuss the artist's approach to teaching, find out how he paints and enquire about his art tuition.

Art Tuition

Alan holds one to one tuition and personalised workshops for all levels. They are located at his studio gallery in Dorset England.

The student is encouraged to find how they really want to paint and that is not like the teacher but their own way.

Students often do not know how they want to paint - Alan addresses that by examining and expanding upon their inspiration.  Paintings with feeling emerge. The student can put their own emotion into the art and proceed on their own exciting path.

Group workshops with up to six can be arranged.

art classes dorset 

from the blog

I have been painting for 25 years since I gave it a try at a night class. I was hooked and I haven't stopped since. The desire to make paintings with feeling came later and then getting emotion in art became my goal. It still is.

My art has been exhibited widely within the UK including the Royal Watercolour Society and  internationally with leading societies such as The American Watercolor Society and The Canadian Society for Painters in Watercolour.

I use watercolour but do not consider myself a traditional watercolourist as I am not concerned about transparency.