Original Minimalist Painting


Absolute Minimalism. Just deep shades of red and one bright red shape all painted in watercolour create this minimal art - it is called "Absolute".

It is difficult (at least for me) to be truly minimalistic in a painting, there is always the tendency to put in something else but it is also so easy to be boring by having too little. It is a balance and I think it is working on this one.

This is truly absolute minimalism. A minimalist painting with a geometric design - just the large rectangle all painted in pure watercolour. The subtleties of watercolour are important here to create interest in that large red shape. Any medium can be used to create a painting but watercolour has a subtlety that is somehow unique. The muted colours in this painting for example still have a vibrancy that could be lost with say acrylic or even oil.

Absolute Minimalism.
Original Painting
Watercolour on paper
76 x 57 cm : 30 x 22 ins



unframed including shipping anywhere

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