October 2019


It has been a while since my last newsletter and there is a lot to share. Please enjoy the Newsletter...


"Has your painting style changed recently?"


That is a question I am often asked and " Yes" is the answer. It is always changing, but why is that?

Let's take a look at the changes first...

           Reading from left to right you can see a distinct shift from loose realism into semi-abstraction which soon became geometric abstraction. Later some of the geometry softened and organic shapes re-appeared. Then into surrealism and now a form of geometric minimalism.

These shifts were not planned, I hardly knew I was making them at the time, they were driven mostly by my desire to say what I want in my own way. The label or "style" was a way of describing my work, nothing more.

Don't you think they all have a similar feeling to them? 

maybe not the first one

I am very pleased with the latest ones I am doing. It has been a struggle to use a little to say a lot. I am inclined to put too much in and I think that shows in these images. The first was done in August appears almost empty, I have filled some in in the later ones - maybe too much?

please click on the image to enlarge with the details

Two Well Travelled Paintings!

Over the past year or so these two paintings have been exhibited in Canada, Mexico and France.

The Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour arrange exchanges with societies in other countries and, as a member I can submit some art. These two pieces were accepted for joint shows with the respective national societies. It works very well and helps to spread the appreciation of watercolour as a flexible medium.

And Six Canadian Artists Exhibiting at the Royal Watercolour Society


Earlier this year some CSPWC artists exhibited with the RWS Open. With my help many entered and six were accepted. This is a teriffic result as many thousands apply and there are only 250 lucky ones. The slider below shows the Private View.

The Bankside Gallery

Thameside London

Painting by Vera Bobson with my wife Barbara

This one held a lot of interest from the visitors

Full sheet landscape

Half sheet narrow landscape creates a panoramic sensation

Yes, it's great to sell a painting and pretty special when you sell four in one go!

four paintings to transform their room, it was my pleasure to help with the selection

they had already bought one and clearly liked it 🙂

each painting is individual

individual for sure but each one can complement the others

Remembrance Week

Over the week starting on Sunday November 10th. several of my war series of paintings will be in St Marks Church in Highcliffe to commerorate Armistice Day and beyond. If you would like to attend a service or visit the church please click here

Please click here to see the paintings on display and click here to read their story.


The Somme

Bournemouth Arts Club Exhibition

I am pleased to have submitted two paintings to exhibit with the next exhibition of The Bournemouth Arts Club. The show is in the Mulberry Room, Shelley Theatre, BH5 1LX from 2nd. November to 2nd. December.  

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