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For me art is a wonderful antidote and as this eventful year draws to a close I thought I would put together some points of interest from an artistic viewpoint - just a few points that might be of interest to artists and art lovers everywhere. Hopefully they are a small respite from the major events that have engulfed us all.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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I have found hats to be a great source of inspiration in the past so I collected some of my hat paintings  to see how they look together. This is one of them called Flo for obvious reasons - click the image to see more

flowing watercolour art Flo

Like hats figures have inspired me too as they do most artists. The shapes can get a bit boring but the emotion is always very interesting, at least to me. I looked at my abstract figure paintings and put together those with a mysterious feeling - click on the image below to take a look.

mysterious abstract figure paintings-watercolour landscape original painting Visitors
contemporary emotional paintings the art of minimalism so simple

I am always talking about the importance of getting an emotion into a painting, that's what I try to do all the time - to get that certain feeling in my art is my goal - and that is what I teach. So I have put together some paintings with a hint at explaining the emotion - click on the image to see what I mean. 

As an art teacher I am often asked if it is okay to crop paintings. The answer is Yes and the discussion then is about whether or not to crop a particular painting and what part to remove. It is an interesting subject - take a look at what I mean by clicking the image.

cropped painting

Before I go here is my latest painting - 

Minimalism Rules Okay!

You can see more of my work in original abstract paintings.

painting in shades-of-grey-minimalism--imagine

I hope you have enjoyed these art points of interest.

Happy painting and/or viewing.

Best wishes,


Anything About Art

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all of the original abstract paintings above are unique pieces, no copies exist anywhere. To see more click the link below