Dialogue with Death Exhibition

On 11th. November we will once again commemorate the fallen from wars. In March 2015 I was pleased to exhibit some of my war series paintings at the Dialogue with Death exhibition at the Crypt Gallery in St Pancras London, here are some images of that exhibition.

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The Dialogue with Death exhibition was organised by Adelinda Allegretti and she selected the ideal spot - the crypt of the oldest Church in London.


It was damp, gloomy in parts, a little cold and I swear haunted - the natural home for artwork on death.


There were sixteen artists contributing including a sculptor. The mix of paintings sculptures and tombs in that space created a perfect feel for the show

alan brain art dialogue with death logo

The Great War begins.

 Unfolding inevitability towards the bloodiest battles in history.

 Slaughter on an industrial scale brought on by the invention of the field and machine gun plus leaders with a mindset from earlier conflicts.

World War One paintings dawning of war in europe

The painting here is called "A Soldier's Journey" describing abstractly the expectations of a soldier sent to France during The Great War.


His journey has mud, thick sickening mud before he is "released" to join his comrades under neatly kept gravestones.

Flanders a world war one soldier's journey painting by alan brain

The painting "Danger Tree" behind the sculpture is about the last tree remaining on the Somme after the great battle - it was called "Danger Tree" for obvious reasons, it is still there.

First world War Paintings - Danger Tree

And here are some of the other paintings that were at the dialogue with death exhibition

remembrance-week-paintings-at-st-marks-church-highcliffe contemporary war Painting about Flanders Fields
contemporary war art
world war one painting daddy
trench warfare painting Refuge

The last one... The Somme 1918 - nobody really wanted to be there and now they have left by one means or another.

Great War Battles Art The Somme

You can see the programme by clicking here

I hope you have enjoyed this post about the Dialogue with Death Exhibition which has now closed. I have produced other war art and made a series about polluting our planet. Click on them to take a look. You can also see all of my original abstract paintings all intended to capture... "that certain feeling"

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