Geometric Paintings For Sale


One of a series of my geometrical paintings and as usual it is painted in watercolour.

Angular shapes dominate the artwork with a few clean sharp edges but there are some organic shapes too in this geometrical painting. Lost and found edges cover the whole piece and blended colours unite the work. The phrase a little and a lot comes to mind, it has been my guidance for years. In this case a lot of geometry with mostly soft edges and then a little, a few hard edges.

This geometrical painting was inspired by flying and you may have already seen that - the "flying" shapes may give it away.  Perhaps the art has a sense of rushing upwards? Maybe but it for you to judge.

As well as being geometrical the painting is abstract art too, all my works are original abstract paintings  and as always it is for the viewer to engage and interpret the meaning for themselves. They may not see any aviation influence and that's fine - there are no wrong interpretations just yours and that's right for you.

geometrical art Fly By Again

Painted with watercolour essentially in two stages... the first stage was to define and paint all the shapes clearly with little or no attempt to soften the edges. Then when it was thoroughly dry paint over the whole painting blending the colours and hiding edges as required. The trick is to use the right amount of water - too much and it all disappears' too little and it does not blend.

Original Painting
Watercolour on paper
76 x 57 cm : 30 x 22 ins

Fly By!


unframed including shipping anywhere

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