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good to be part of The Guild with my different abstract aviation paintings


I have rejoined The Guild of Aviation Artists. Some years ago The Guild helped me to indulge my passion for painting aeroplanes, indeed I wanted to paint anything to do with aviation. Over time my artwork changed from realistic representation to abstract art and now I paint very different aviation paintings. I got a few frowns and sideways looks from some of the members :). My work did not fit anymore so I quit. I am happy to say after rejoining my work is welcomed (mostly) and anyway they are a good bunch of people. There is room for different aviation paintings and the Guild should be congratulated for recognising that.

I just love to paint the feel of flying in an abstract way. My goal is no longer accurate reproduction but the emotion and I can use anything I choose to help create that feeling of being airbourne again. I used to be a Flying Instructor and through painting I can relive those moments of teaching for example, spin recovery. Spinning is perhaps as close as an ab initio pilot gets to aerobatics, whatever, it is always exciting and I try to create that in my original abstract paintings of any kind.

It felt particularly good to have three of my paintings accepted for the Guild of Aviation Artists annual exhibition… Why is that? Well it would anyway but the Guild of Aviation Artists is known for paintings that accurately describe particular aircraft in certain situations such as Spitfires in the Battle of Britain. My abstract aviation art is not about war specifics, it endeavours to capture that certain feeling when flying not to describe the actuality

  “Vive la Difference!”

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Here are the three paintings that were on show at The Mall Gallery London with The Guild of Aviation Artists...

contemporary painting Night Arrival

quiet contemporary painting – night arrival

Abstract Aviation Art   an empty airfield is the subject matter for this quiet contemporary painting in watercolour. Flying to a deserted airfield at night is a unique...
abstract aviation paintings Climb Out

abstract aviation paintings – climb out

Abstract Aviation Art   Most aviation art is representational, figurative, every detail is correct. I used to paint like that. It got tedious and predictable. I still paint...
dramatic aviation art final approach 13

dramatic aviation art – final approach runway 13

Original Abstract Painting   The Guild of Aviation Artists  exhibeted this painting along with another two at the annual show with The Mall Gallery in London exciting...
Guild of Aviation art at exhibition in mall gallery london
guild of aviation at at mall gallery

I have painted a lot of artwork about aviation it is one of my ways of making art with passion - here is some more of my different aviation art...

quiet contemporary painting – night arrival
recent war art – Malaysia Airlines flight MS17 last moments

Here are some more of my different aviation art from my early days as an artist...

I hope you have enjoyed this post and appreciated my art in the setting of The Guild of Aviation Artists who helped to get me started on this wonderful journey.

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all of the original abstract paintings above are unique pieces, no copies exist anywhere. To see more click the link below