Hat Paintings

Hats have inspired me to make a whole range of paintings. Some are about happiness, fun and beauty, others are about intrigue, respect and sadness. In other words my paintings with hats cover practically the whole spectrum of paintings with feeling 

Usually hats appear in my  abstract figure paintings but not always - paintings about war, some surreal paintings - indeed most any subject can feature hats. They are such a lovely shape to paint and come in many varieties, each one can release a whole new set of ideas. Hats can help set the mood or the emotion, they can add "that certain feeling" that I am always aiming for. I hope you enjoy these examples...


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Some of these paintings are for sale the others have been sold. All of my original abstract paintings can be viewed on this website - if you would like to buy one I will deliver it free of charge.

This painting just flowed along so I called it Flo. Such a beautiful hat large and colourful. The face underneath is irrelevent but the neckerchief adds to that flowing feeling.

It's in watercolour, there is no better medium for getting blended colours in my view but I have not tried oils.

flowing watercolour art Flo

please click on the image to enlarge with the details

Each of these three abstract figure paintings feature hats and makes a different statement to the other two. One might have a sense of aloofness, arrogance even, another shows respect for the Hijab. The other painting about war is grey and dull. The face on this painting is important, full of pain. The common feature is the hat, all different of course but a vital piece of each painting. Watercolour is used here exclusively.

Spanish figure painting , abstract Senor!
simple beautiful shape -hijab
War Art - Aftermath

Is this a hat painting? yes it is! Look carefully and you will see it, oh and the title is Frank, that is a big clue.

I usually use watercolour but this one is in acrylic, it gives it a brittle shine which I think suits the painting.

powerful acrylic abstract figure art Frank

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These three paintings with hats are large about 60 ins wide and they look great together on an office wall. I loved getting that swoop into them, I think the first one must have been inspired by baseball.

another hat painting flying collars III

They are called Collars I II and III for obvious reasons

flying collars with that hat

painted in a mixture of acrylic and watercolour

painting flying collars

A number of these paintings have been exhibited widely including open exhibitions at the Royal Watercolour Society

Here are some recent ones...

abstract figure painting by alan brain - amigo
Spanish male paintings - Hombre
abstracted male figure painting- fly boy

I hope you have enjoyed this post, It is a fun post showing how a simple thing like a hat can inspire many paintings. You can see more of my artwork and posts on my website alanbrainart.

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