Original Minimalist Painting


Watercolour has wonderful qualities for all genres of paintings including minimal artwork such as this one. The quality of watercolour's luminosity, which is used in this piece of minimal artwork is particularly valuable - subtle colour shifts take you through the painting and several layers of paint have been applied to give depth of colour to facilitate this.

Minimalism is about creating more with less and is a challenge - too much and it is lost, too little and it is pointless. This minimal artwork is intended to create a sense of calm intriguing space.

The main rectangle has hardly any detail but the surrounding has I hope sufficient interest to engage you and to let you enjoy the uncluttered large area. Let this minimal artwork have you gaze into space - enjoy the journey šŸ™‚

Original Painting
Watercolour on paper
76 x 57 cm : 30 x 22 ins

Remember Skip


unframed including shipping anywhere

Exhibited at The Royal Watercolour Society Annual Open

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