Mysterious Figure Paintings


You can use frustration to fuel creation for example, to make a series of mysterious figure paintings 

You find a good idea, dont stop after the first painting, work hard on it and produce a series of paintings.

A series can be very satisfying and can drive an artist to create new ideas in their work. We artists get frustrated easily but this frustration can fuel creation. It is in those moments of thinking "I have no more ideas" that a new idea forms and that leads to exciting new possibilities.

Here follows a journey that resulted in a series of mysterious figure paintings....

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The first one has the idea of an open door revealing a very personal scene within. Maybe we feel like unintentional intruders but for sure we are seeing something that is none of our business.

The experimentation with texture began with this painting, texturing material was used to create the orange/brown surround.

original watercolour painting Invited?

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On to number two. The same idea of a mysterious intruding figure but the figure part is more abstract and the dimensions have changed to the wide screen look which seems right for this painting.

mysterious abstract figure paintings =watercolour landscape original painting Visitors

And two more with little change other than the figures within

mysterious abstract figure paintings intrusion
semi abstract originalpainting observe

This one is a little different with the feeling of describing a life on the orange/brown wall 

genuine original abstract painting
UK original figure artwork painting Visitors II

The last one in this series but some parts will be evident in future work, it is always about learning.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Following a series of paintings shows how the artist develops their ideas and my idea of mysterious figures in a constructed geometric shape has been explored here. I may have raised some questions - please get in touch I will try to find answers.

Anything About Art

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