original abstract paintings for sale from U.K. artist


View and buy online original abstract paintings directly from the artist. Each painting is unique, genuine and full of feeling.  Choose from today's refreshing  surrealism, so different than the reputation dictates, and minimalism, saying so much with so little; or abstract figures that capture the body language and expressions without identifying the subjects. The artist was a pilot so geometric aviation art has to be present. And there are war and pollution paintings that express the strong feelings of the artist.

guaranteed original abstract paintings from the artist. free worldwide shipping anywhere.

please click on the image to see a larger version with the details

please click on the image to see a larger version with the details

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Original Abstract Paintings from the Artist

each painting is unique no copies exist anywhere


Originality is important in art and the artist ensures each painting is unique by prohibiting any prints or copies. Public images are low resolution to stop copies being made.

All the art is now abstract - the artist abandoned realism early in his journey. Sometimes shapes can be interpreted as recognizable particularly shapes of the human form - they are abstractions leaving  just enough to hint at what is intended. Some of the paintings are totally abstracted and then it is entirely up to the viewer to make their own interpretation.