Shaftesbury Art Exhibition

I am delighted to be exhibiting with...

shaftesbury art exhibition pergaudeo

Shaftesbury Art Exhibition  Seven artists with a passion for abstract art join to present their diverse approaches.

This is the third exhibition for Pergaudeo, organised by Andrea Jenkins at Shaftesbury Arts Centre.Her aim is to celebrate the excitement of contemporary and abstract art by inviting six local artists to join her in showing their work.

This year the exhibition includes paintings, collage, textile art, assemblage and ceramics.

Here is a preview of my six paintings there...

contemporary minimal paintings - gaze

Contemporary Minimal Paintings – Gaze

Original Minimalist Painting   Natural light and colours has inspired me to paint a series of contemporary minimal paintings and this example is called Gaze. An example of...
minimal abstract artwork alm art

minimal abstract artwork – calm art – oneness

Calm Art a Minimalist Painting   Abstract artwork requires the viewer to decide what the painting represents and this minimal example creates tranquility - serene calm art....
geometric abstraction with quiet minimal shapes

Geometric Abstract Painting with minimal shapes – Expectations

 Original Minimalist Painting   geometric abstraction is used here to create a large area of deep space. Quiet minimal art intended to provide an area where the viewer can...
Serene Minimal Paintings

Serene Minimal Paintings – A Little and a Lot

Original Minimalist Painting   Serene Minimal Paintings are not easy to make but truly worthwhile. Leaving out anything that detracts from the feeling of serenity (in this...
striking minimalism intense watercolour painting - two black lines

striking minimalism

Original Minimalist Painting   Here is an example of a unusual minimal painting, striking minimalism is the closest description, it is a painting with intensity and...
contemporary minimal painting - awakening

contemporary minimal painting

Original Minimalist Painting   This contemporary minimal painting  called Awakening has a large rectangular space filled with blended colours that gives it a sense of space...

And here are links to the other six artists...


shaftesbury art exhibition

Andrea Jenkins

Nicholas Doble

example at shaftesbury art exhibition

Jan Dagley

Sarah Turnbull

painting at the shaftesbury art exhibition

Mark Hilde

Tonia Gunstone

Shaftesbury Art Exhibition Pergaudeo

23rd. November - 6th. December 2022

10 am - 4 pm daily

The Gallery

Shaftesbury Arts Centre Bell St. Shaftesbury, SP7 8NR

Free Admission


Thanks to Andrea Jenkins for making this great show happen