Unique paintings sold by UK artist Alan Brain


Explore these unique paintings sold by UK artist Alan Brain on his artistic journey. Driven by his passion each painting reveals a piece of his personality - his loves such as Flying, Space, Solitude, and Expressive Figures; and his hates such as War and Pollution.

Buyers include individuals and companies in Canada, USA, Europe and Australia as well as the U.K. All the pieces sold and every piece made by this artist is unique, no copies exist. Take a look at original abstract paintings and enjoy more art by this artist that is for sale.

Internationally recognised unique art sold throughout the world to individuals and companies

Each of these sold paintings punctuates the artist's journey and not once has the artist strayed from creating genuine original paintings. His journey like most artists began with realism and although satisfying at the time it soon became apparent that new steps were needed in order to create a true reflection of his passion. Abstraction became the norm, surreal, minimal and geometric  all followed and then combinations such as surreal/geometric anything to capture the desired emotion. You can see more paintings in original abstract painting - and those are for sale.

Some of the paintings above have been sold via international art societies such as The Royal Watercolour Society and The Society of Canadian Artists in Watercolour

And here below are a few old but treasured paintings that bring back good memories to the artist.

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