Original Minimalist Painting


Here is an example of a unusual minimal painting, striking minimalism is the closest description, it is a painting with intensity and contrasting black lines. Watercolour is used to create the subtle changes in intensity and black lines to create contrast.

Simple? maybe, as there are only three identifiable shapes. Easy? No, the subtle intensity changes are a challenge and watercolour does it the best.

A minimalist painting with a geometric design painted in watercolour so that the intense colour variations can be magnified. Striking minimalism for sure!

striking minimalism - two black lines
Original Painting
Watercolour on paper
36 x 53 cm : 14 x 21 ins

two black lines


unframed including shipping anywhere

Striking minimalism shown here is just one example of this genre but there are many other forms. and you can see some examples on this website.

Are you interested to see how this artist makes a minimal painting? Click Making a Minimal Painting 

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