Paintings at the Woolverton Gallery


The gallery in Woolverton is a new venture by artist Ray Jones who has put together a selection of contemporary art from twenty five selected artists, I am pleased to say I am one of them. There is a lot of art to see all of it unique and individual, a super collection carefully selected by Ray and his colleages. Woolverton is a small delightful village about four to five minutes from Bath.

Here are the five paintings I have at the Woolverton Gallery...

Please note you can buy these paintings through this website or from the gallery. All proceeds go to the gallery irrespective.

modern surrealism from alan brain = Flying II
modern surrealism – Flying
Surreal Paintings For Sale   modern surrealism has moved on since the days of melting clocks...
new surreal artwork - lightness
new surrealism – lightness
Surreal Paintings For Sale   Surrealism is not new but in the early days it became...
contemporary geometric art a unique painting for sale - intrigue
geometric shapes, texture and colour make – intrigue
geometric paintings For Sale   This unique contemporary art was inspired beside a lake in a...
colourful geometric paintings contemporary surreal paintings
colourful surreal paintings – pollution!

Modern art embraces several factions including surrealism. Contemporary art is a term used to embrace work by artists still alive and consequently modern art is included in contemporary art. This painting has a contemporary theme – pollution. The art is a graphic illustration of how we are damaging our planet

original colourful art -honour
original geometric colourful art – individual honour
geometric paintings For Sale   the geometric rectangles in this original colourful art form a...

As you can see these paintings are surreal or tending towards surrealism - the other artists' works are equally intriguing with emphasis on vibrant colour - the whole show is stunning!

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