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Were so glad we popped into your studio before our flight. We did not expect to see such wonderful art to be honest let alone buy one!

All the best,

Jan and Eric

yellow abstract paintings

Dear Alan,

Just to say how delighted we are with our lovely painting - we will definately be over agian once this Covid has gone

Cheers, Jane and John

quiet geometric art a restful landscape painting - nebulus

Hi Alan,

I had no idea I would fall in love with your eastern surreal paintings but they are so exciting and colourful Red Moon looks great in our lounge

Thank you


eastern culture in red Moon IV

Dear Alan,

We realy enjoyed our vist to your studio as part of Dorset Arts Week 2017 and appreciated your explanations of the art there. Its so interesting and we could not resist buying one. 

See you again!

Mary and Don

contemporary painting in greys - recollections

Hi Alan,

Just to say we are delighted with our new paintings and we are now very pleased we took the plunge and bought them online.  I know you would have taken them back .

Best wishes

Terri and Jon

fun flying painting

I contacted Alan by email to buy three prints of his work, I did not want the expense of an original, but he does not do prints.

Alex in Alaska

original abstract desert art edge of town

Hello Alan
Delighted to meet you last week at Artworks and as you know, we purchased your wonderful landscape “Edge of Town” from one of your visits to New Mexico. We couldn’t resist this one as well. We didn’t know its title, “Youth”, until I looked at the website after we bought it. They were both hung today and look fabulous. You have an immeasurable gift and we feel so privileged to find and to be able to own your work through Elaine, at our lovely art shop in the village. Thank you so much, Alan.
Mike & Julia
West Horsley

Since 2007 I have been following Alan Brain's artistic journey. I have visited his exhibitions on occasions and bought several pieces. Every one still gives pleasure to my family. Alan is to me a genuine artist who cares deeply about what he does and who displays his work. I hope to visit England soon to see his latest work for real

Anne Steffen


original abstract desert art edge of town

Over the years, I have bought several large pieces by Alan Brain.  I was drawn to them primarily because of the colours used – but also because of the presentation.  The pieces were beautifully framed and I knew that they would go in the appropriate room without having to change anything.  They continue to please me greatly.  I love the vivacity of the painting and also the subject matter – “People in Hats”.   I am always interested in seeing Alan’s latest paintings and whilst I am not particularly into geometric shapes, his use of colours can always make me change my mind.  Well worth following!

Lynne Hall

original abstract desert art edge of town
paintings with feeling -unique minimal art - thin red line

Maria and I have been following Alan's artistic development over the years and we have  bought several  paintings. They rest in different parts of our home. We sometime move them around the house. They always give us great pleasure and never look dated. Each painting represents to us an individual experience and they always blend in whichever room we place them. 

All our friends that have visited our home have commented on the individual warm style of the paintings. 

Our daughter purchased a couple of your paintings and these are hanging in her living room as a central focus point. She is very fond of them. 

We have always found Alan's exhibitions friendly and very relaxing...and no pressure.

Larry and Maria


We have followed Alan's development as an artist for nearly 20 years now. His worked has changed and we love the mystery and ambiguity he creates. Not all of his work is to our taste but when we see one that is, well we hust have to have it. All of our purchases still give us pleasure. Alan cares about his customers' satisfaction. We have never wanted to return a painting but felt reassured that we could if we wanted to.

Mary and Bill

original abstract desert art edge of town

We bought a painting from Alan's exhibition in June 12. When we got it home it did not fit - he took it back no hassle. He even collected it!

Jemma and Charles

We have known Alan for a number of  years since he first picked up a paintbrush and we have always found Alan to be genuine and trustworthy. 

His love of painting shines through. He is always happy to discuss his style and imaginative use of colour and shapes - he continues to experiment and grow - and is interested to hear our views on his paintings.  He takes care to ensure his paintings are professionally presented at all times.  

Our purchase of 'Night Flight' as well as four earlier paintings by Alan, were managed seamlessly 

Anne and Keith


We purchased a painting from Alan in the summer of 2012.  We had the intention of displaying the painting in the hall of our new self-built house in Surrey.  Unfortunately the position chosen did not suit the splendour of the painting.  We now have it in our office where its full beauty can be seen and is admired  by us and friends who visit.   We are delighted with the picture and it gives us pleasure every time we look at it.

Alan let us borrow the painting for a couple of days to make sure it would be the right purchase for us.

I have watched Alan develop as an artist for about eight years and during that time I have bought his paintings and recommended him to my friends who have also purchased some. It has been a delight to watch his progress. His work, just like Alan, is always genuine. I love the way he captures feelings that cannot be articulated in words.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

happy abstract painting

My wife saw one of Alan Brain's figures and fell in love with it. Now we have two! They look great. Alan is a professional and I particularly appreciated getting a Certificate of Authenticity - it is the little things that count.


original abstract desert art edge of town

I have known Alan for some time and that he has become known both locally and further afield as a very accomplished artist.  I know he has exhibited in the UK and also in the US.  I had seen one of his paintings at the house of my Yoga teacher and I thought ...mmmh,  I love that.

As I know Alan outside his painting circle I had never managed to go to see any of his exhibitions and felt a painting of that quality was more than I could afford.  However all that changed in Summer 2009 as I decided to go along to an exhibition at his studio..  I walked in the door and straightaway saw what I call “The Lady in Red” and thought ..”I want that!”  Coincidently I was coming up for retirement and had been thinking about what I would ask for a retirement gift.  To cut a long story short Alan made me an offer and I said YES.  I still love the painting – it is striking , bold but subtle; it has been much admired and I now have a lasting memory of my enjoyable days at my work-place (Yes, truly!) and also my friendship with Alan.  A much better deal than a garden bench!


Clio Weight.  Camberley

mysterious feeling in a painting

From the first time I spotted the painting in your show I knew it held an emotional resonance for me, I couldn't believe that Alan Brain's suggestion  an appropriate mount and frame could make it any better, but they did. Every time I look at the painting I see new levels of meaning. It has been a pleasure to deal with such a helpful person. Thank you Alan.

Pat Smith

abstract figure paintings by alan brain

There can sometimes be pressure to buy but I did not feel that with Alan. I have been to several of his exhibitions and felt able to enjoy the paintings without feeling under any obligation to purchase. I have bought two paintings – I love the fact I keep reading new things in them. I love the vibrancy and mix of colour in each and still enjoy them. Many visitors have remarked positively about them.

David Thomas

Cardiff, Wales

rectangular painting escapeII

I saw a painting I liked on the website, popped over to take a look and bought three - be warned!



abstract figure art flying collars
abstract figure paintings from alan brain
vibrant colours in a figure painting

I saw "Delta" on the Alan Brain Art  website which I discovered while browsing in an idle moment. No I thought, not buying a painting from the internet, but I did get in touch with Alan. He sent me a better image and reassured me that I could return it if I wanted to. I took the step and bought it, so glad I did.


different desert art Delta

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