Painting Mother

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What to get for my mother’s ninetieth birthday? She has all she needs, hmm, and then I thought I would paint her a painting. What an obvious (but almost overlooked by yours truly) solution. So what to paint…?

It soon became clear that a corny card like painting (flowers and a 90 sign) would be just that – corny, and anyway I can’t do those sort of paintings. So a personal painting (now that is what I do all the time) is good. I want it to warm her heart. How to do that?…

By painting my mother with her two children, of course! But when she and we, were young. Great, I am getting somewhere now. How to portray that? As a proud mum sorta protecting us – yes! go for it Alan.  So I did, and here is my first attempt…

painting of mother first attempt

first attempt at painting mother

Simply awful! What is the painting about? my mother, me or that bike? And where the heck is my sister??? Learn from it Alan and move on

So another go…

painting of mother second attempt

painting mother second attempt

Better. I like the body language, it has potential. But it’s not right and…

I recalled that my mother had beautiful red hair when she was younger, I want to capture that, so have that in mind next time…

painting of mother third attempt

painting mother – third attempt

Now that is better. The body language is much as before which I like, the red hair dominates now and I like that too. And it has my “signature” colour blending. But those children? hmmm not sure. maybe I will do another 🙂

But I didn’t. And here is the actual lady with her children

happy mother and children

happy mother and children

But later I just had to change it…

That rather white head that looked a bit like a coconut was not right. Nor was the blending of the children shapes into her form. So another go five years later…

Learning points

every painting is an experiment so some are failures, so be it.

painting your mother must be one of the most personal things you can paint. and if you are painting it for her as a gift the pressure really is on. when you paint it, paint it for you; you can always get her chocalates if it will not please her.

body language is the key to success.

don’t clutter up the painting with distractions like that bike!