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Art in Dorset Alan Brain Art Studio Gallery in Highcliffe Dorset The artist's own Studio - Gallery near Woking

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Home to Alan Brain contemporary artist where only original abstract paintings are made.



I have been making art in Dorset for about four years now having moved from Chobham Surrey. Our new home had a large garage which I have converted into two art studios - one for my wife who also paints. The loft has been converted to a room which is now our art gallery.

Come and view the art (they are all unique paintings) we will make you feel very welcome. You can browse and ask questions and buy a piece if you wish to. I guarantee all the art to be original and no copies of any kind have been made.

Two Studios, a Loft Gallery, and a Lot of Art

two studios 

work in progress

art in Dorset - Highcliffe

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loft gallery Highcliffe Dorset

paintings for sale

all original artwork for sale

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surreal art for you

Here are some of the paintings there...

ethereal-painting-minimalism i shades of grey
abstracted male figure painting- fly boy
surreal art about polluting our planet
modern surreal paintings - create
surreal abstract painting with that certain feeling
contemporary minimal paintings - gaze

And some more...

surreal minimal painting

surreal minimal painting – out of reach

Surreal Paintings For Sale   This could be called a surreal minimal painting. It combines surrealism and minimalism each of which can be clearly categorised but this painting is both. Only two symbols exist in the painting to create a sense of space without...
contemporary minimal painting - awakening

contemporary minimal painting

Original Minimalist Painting   This contemporary minimal painting  called Awakening has a large rectangular space filled with blended colours that gives it a sense of space - a beautiful uncluttered place to ponder uninterrupted. It is a minimalist painting with...
rectangular minimal painting - lights and brights

rectangular minimal painting, minimal rectangular painting- lights and brights

Original Minimalist Painting   Let your imagination take you away with this rectangular minimal painting. The subtle shifts of colour in the large rectangle can be intriguing and the lights and brights around the border add to that feeling. A minimalist painting...
yellow minimal painting - consider

yellow minimal painting

Original Minimalist Painting   A yellow minimal painting with a blue bar through it that looks simple but look carefully and you will see interesting things within the yellow. The blue bar too has some intriguing shapes but they are actually in red. It is a...
paintings with feeling -unique minimal art - thin red line

Unique art – vibrant minimalism – thin red line

Original Minimalist Painting   This unique art uses minimalism and vibrant watercolour to create a sense of deep space using a simple thin red line. The painting is intended to be absorbing - to saturate with colour and to reward the viewer for their attention...
minimal abstract painting called shades

abstract painting for sale – shades

Original Minimalist Painting   Here is a minimal abstract painting which uses a lot of muted colours with a little pure colour - all are watercolour.  Minimalism is challenging - what to leave out without losing the impact versus what to put in without cluttering...
geometric expressionism from uk artist - seek

geometric expressionism in watercolour – seek II

Geometric paintings For Sale   Geometric expressionism can be described in many ways and this is an example in muted watercolour. Rectangular shapes are not fully described  but are hinted at and occasionally clearly evident. The painting is inspired by imagining...
surreal abstract painting with that certain feeling

surreal abstract painting – Boneface

Surreal Paintings For Sale   A surreal abstract painting is not realism. Some recognisable shapes can be included and symbols too to trigger particular thoughts. In surreal abstract painting shapes and colours are deliberately changed from reality. Even the title...
simple beautiful shape -hijab

simple beautiful shape painting – the Hijab

Abstract Figure Paintings   simple beautiful shape painting – the Hijab  The western world would call it a scarf and wear it without association of anything particularly important. If you are a Muslim woman you would call it a khimaar but non Muslims know it as...
geometric-abstract art passing freight

geometric abstract desert art – passing freight

geometric paintings For Sale   This geometrical abstract artwork was inspired by those very long freight trains that transverse the USA and Canada. So purposeful, unstoppable almost with a life of their own and mystique that awakens thoughts of long distance...
Heat Blind painting Colour and Texture

Textured art – Heat Blind

geometric paintings   inspired by the Arizona desert, painted in the UK after visiting that amazing part of the world. entitled Heat Blind and painted  with texture material and watercolour this painting captures the heat in the vast space of the...

If you can't get to see these paintings at the studio - gallery in Dorset you can still buy a piece online. Take a look at the painting pages on this website.  I will ship any you desire anywhere free of charge with a money back guarantee. All the original abstract paintings are guaranteed to be unique. 

I am a member of Bournemouth Arts Club and Dorset Visual Artists, both offer opportunities to view art in Dorset 

Would you like to see my art in Dorset?

Interested in how I make a painting?

Just curious and want to see the studio?


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