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two studios

loft gallery

Here are some of the paintings there...

minimal watercolour painting

minimal watercolours -whispering glass

Original Minimalist Painting   Here is a minimalist painting with a geometric design painted in pure watercolour. The subtleties of watercolour can be used to great effect in minimalism and this example demonstrates the beautiful translucency of the medium. Any...
minimalism - artwork calming watercolour paintings

minimalism – calming depths

Original Minimalist Painting   In this minimal painting nothing is absolutely clear but painted in a minimal way. The large rectangle creates a sense of space with one or two small rectangles to add intrigue. The large space is surrounded by interesting geometric...
minimal expressionism - interactionss

minimal expressionism in watercolour – interactions

Original Minimalist Painting   Paintings can be described in many ways and this is an example of minimalism. This piece of art is in watercolour. Rectangular shapes are not fully described¬† but are just evident. The painting is inspired by imagining interactions...
beautiful geometric -minimalism-paintings-Away-38x36-0818

geometric art with a minimal touch – away!

Original Minimalist Painting   Geometry in art has existed since art began but we tend to look at it as a modern phenomenon, perhaps that is because we live in a geometric world of man made structures. Geometric art has certainly evolved to become a genre of its...
minimal artwork in watercolour - remember Skip

Minimal Artwork – Remember Skip

And then this painting emerged. Skip, my mentor stopped me adding any more. It is what I have been trying to do ever since.

surreal abstract painting with that certain feeling

surreal abstract painting – Boneface

Surreal Paintings For Sale   A surreal abstract painting is not realism. Some recognisable shapes can be included and symbols too to trigger particular thoughts. In surreal abstract painting shapes and colours are deliberately changed from reality. Even the title...
new surrealism by alan brain - breaking out

new surrealism – breaking out

Surreal Paintings For Sale   Have you ever experienced that sense of excitement and freedom when you release yourself from being held back? I am sure you have. Then you can probably relate to this painting - Breaking Out! the release of bonds and the excitement...
minimal watercolour painting by alan brain art - elegance

minimal watercolour painting – elegance

Original Minimalist Painting   a geometric influence is evident in this painting but minimalism is the stronger element. watercolour is a wonderful medium for artists because it is so versatile. It can be used strongly for rich powerful colours or, as in this...
new abstract artwork

new surrealism – lightness

Surreal Paintings For Sale   ¬†Abstraction is the opposite of realism. In abstract artwork shapes and colours create an emotion rather than remind you of something you know. Sometimes the shapes are recognisable but more often not - this is called non objective...
contemporary geometric art a unique painting for sale - intrigue

geometric shapes, texture and colour make – intrigue

geometric paintings For Sale   This unique contemporary art was inspired beside a lake in a remote part of Canada. It is for the viewer to engage and feel its emotion, no explanation by this artist is possible. Perhaps we sometimes paint what cannot be...
contemporary war paintings

haunting painting – Facing Death

oh my this one is scary!
But it was exhibited with the American Watercolor Society

abstract figure paintings for sale. contemporary figure art a soldiers return

Abstract war figure paintings – a soldier’s return

Contemporary War Paintings   Soldiers returning from war may already be dead or injured, and almost certainly numb. This abstract figure painting attempts to capture the moment of return. The gender of the figure is indeterminate, both sexes were suffering from...
world war one art Flanders by Alan Brain

world war one art – Flanders, a soldier’s journey

Contemporary War Paintings   Soldiers in Flanders experienced many hardships as well as death. This world war one art attempts to capture a soldier's feelings at the start of his tour of duty it - is a soldier's journey. The Great War was the war to end all wars,...

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