minimalist paintings for sale from the artist


Minimalism is the art of saying a lot with a little. Their apparent simplicity is challenging to the artist - one mark too many or too few and it does not work.

View these new minimal paintings and enjoy the space and a feeling that is difficult if not impossible to express in words. The art whispers its message which is a welcome change for many people who may live in a frantic world.

Please enjoy these minimalist paintings for sale from me the artist...




 I called this minimalist painting "Absolute" as I think it is a close as I can get to total minimalism right now. The challenge of too much or not enough is always present when I am painting particularly with minimal paintings - try one more shape and it is ruined. Perhaps I managed to quit whie I was ahead with this one?

Absolute Minimalism.
contemporary minimalism - gaze

 Natural light and colours inspired me to paint this minimal painting. Dominated by shades of green with a simple yellow post gazing into infinate space - it is called Gaze.



 I called this minimalist painting Black is not Black  - the nuances of black paint are used here with a little red to create a painting that hopefully holds your attention and triggers your imagination.

minimal painting - black is not black

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minimal-art---whispering glass-30-x-22-ins-

 I usually used straight edges but somehow I could not resist these variations.

minimal painting with geometric shapes - expectations

 What do you see when you look at this piece of minimal art? Nothing particularly recognisable but I hope it holds your attention.

all unique minimalist paintings for sale directly from UK artist

minimal abstract artwork alm art
muted yellow painting called calm depths

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How to paint a minimal painting? I do not think there is one way for all to follow, each of us should find their own way (I can help with my personal art tuition) but my post making a minimal painting shows my approach.


 This new minimal art is called Harbour Harmony. It was inspired by a cold day by the lake in Toronto. Everything that does not create cold empty space has been removed except for just a spot of warmth left for emphasis.

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minimal art by uk artist - shades
art of minimalism so simple

I am thoroughly enjoying my new minimal art. Minimalism is such a delicate process, if you put in too little it says nothing and if you put in too much then your message is confused. Such a challenge. I also love surrealism and I find myself combining the two.

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Simplicity gives birth to inspiration. It is the quality of the very young and of the aged. One who is simple lives from the heart.

minimal art called ma

The white border here is part of the minimal painting. My signature is to the bottom right hand corner

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I called this minimalist painting  Lights and Brights. The large rectangle has lights and the borders brights but the title is not important. What matters is how and whether you the viewer engage and make your own interpretation.

rectangular minimal painting - lights and brights

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The two examples of minimal art below are called Awakening and have similar designs. I am experimenting with colour and how it sets the feel of the painting. Do these two minimalist paintings feel the same? That's for you to decide.

contemporary minimal painting
simple artwork - less is more - Awakening II

All my new minimal art are watercolours but are not painted in the traditional way. See more on Painting Strong Watercolours

minimal art by UK artist
vubrant minimal painting
Vibrant art in watercolour - energy II
vubrant minimal painting
intense watercolour painting - two black lines

This minimal paintings for sale use texture and little else other than blended colours. It is all about creating that certain feeling

vibrant painting called Beyond

minimalist paintings are about saying -

More with Less

to remove everything that can detract from the message in the painting.