Original Minimalist Painting


Here is an example of vibrant paintings in watercolour. It is also  minimalist and uses texture and blended colours to create a vibrance. a resonance that you can almost feel.

The design is simple (not easy) but uncluttered, only what is needed is there. Shades of watercolour, red in this case, create the vibrancy in the painting - all in all  with the  intent of creating a sense of what is


Making vibrant paintings in watercolour is for me a real challengs but worthwhile. Other media such as acrylic just do not quite work I have found.

vibrant painting called Beyond
Original Painting
Watercolour on paper
76 x 57 cm : 30 x 22 ins



unframed including shipping anywhere

Vibrant paintings and minimalism fit together well - a minimal design does not detract from the vibrancy - this painting is a good example.

Are you interested to see how this artist makes a minimal painting? Click Making a Minimal Painting 

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