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Find Your Own Way to Paint!

Are you stuck?

Do you lack inspiration?

Are you wondering where to go with painting?

I can help you to...

Release your creativity and paint what your really want to paint and...


Get Heart into Your Art!


We artists start by painting what we see, it is great to put on paper in paint something that attracts us. In time this process becomes less satisfying, frusrating even boring - are you at that stage?

If so you need to think about painting not what you see but how you feel about what you see. It is a challenging thought, perhaps daunting - I have been there.

I can help you meet that challenge with my personal art tuition and move your work on. You will subsequently develop your own identity as an artist, your work will be truly yours, you will find your own way to paint.

Most art classes concentrate on the how to paint and artists strive to improve their technique hoping it will lead to their personal goals, but technique alone will not make great art. My personal art tuition looks at the what and why to paint and releases the artist from always seeking technical perfection. Yes technique is important but every artist I have taught has enough to say what they want to say, they just need that nudge from me.

My personal art tuition is tailored to your needs, art is personal and you will have personal art tuition. We will do a lot of talking you will do a lot of painting.

My art classes in Dorset are easy to attend - we work to your schedule, you have your own secure studio.


The art tuition will move you forward no matter where you are now.

personal art tuition - one to one, art classes in Dorset arranged to suit you, studio space provided

What level should I be at?

It doesn't matter. I will tailor the tuition to match your experience.

What medium will I use?

whatever you want to. whatever your happiest with or want to experiment with.

How long will I need?

if you want a taster or refresher then not long - perhaps just one two hour session. if you want to learn in some depth then five or six sessions are in order.

Can I bring a friend?

yes, I have two working studios. if you bring a friend it shares the cost some and can be more fun but I will concentrate on each of you separately so you do not aim to paint alike

What is the goal?

to learn to paint the way YOU want to paint. Not like me, not like anyone else, to find your own way.

painting is creating and creating is about thinking new thoughts triggering new ideas

How much does it cost?

I charge £25 per hour for tuition. typically a day's course starts at ten and ends at four. I teach for two hours over the day the rest is painting time. 

What do I need to bring?

bring you usual painting equipment. anything you don't have I can probably provide. beginners need to bring nothing.

How is the course structured?

typically I teach, you paint, we review. I am always there when you paint but at pains not to intrude. as you progress we add new understandings and techniques that match your needs

How do the workshops work?

before the pandemic I ran four or five day workshops for up to six students. there is space here to paint and students took the opportunity to explore around here for subjects to paint.

Will I learn to paint like you?

No! you will benefit from learning methods and technique but the emphasis is always to find the painting direction for you.

Here is a bit about me your art tutor...

I have been giving art classes in Dorset for about 6 years since moving here from Surrey UK. I tought for about 8 years before moving and I have always concentrated on personal art tuition either one to one or through workshops. My goal is always to help artists to find your own way to paint not the tutor's way.

Paintings for sale directly from the artist - Alan Brain Art

Over my years as an artist I have collected pieces of advice that have really helped. I am sharing them here Tips for Artists and hope they are useful to you too.

I love to paint, I love to teach and I feel lucky that I have managed to do both for a good part of my life. I discovered art about 25 years ago and decided then that I must paint. ten years later I started to teach with the object of helping painters to find their OWN way to paint, not my way or indeed anyone's way, simply their way. And it is as pleasing to me now as much as ever - releasing individuality -  it's just wonderful!

 "How I get the strong watercolours into my paintings?" That is a familiar question - it takes a bit of practice and abandonment of the rules about the traditional approach to watercolour . Here you can find my post explaining more - How to paint strong watercolours

Learn more about the set up of the art studio gallery and location where you can find a lot of art from different artists that we would use as examples during your art tuition

Please text, call or email me for booking details or any questions about my art lessons in Dorset

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Before consolidating my art classes in Dorset I taught all over the UK at art schools, art societies and personal development centres such as the Field Studies Council.