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The human shape or form is much painted. Some show an exact likeness, with the subject's characteristics.  Others forget accuracy and focus on the body language in different situations. This is abstraction and is here in these examples of abstract figure paintings. Not one particular figure shape is recognisable, the viewer can identify the figure or figures in their own way.  The feeling, emotion that the shapes and colours convey is the priority and anything goes to achieve that goal.

Some of the abstract figures here have a surreal look, others were inspired by the impact of war 

and others by...? That is for you to decide.

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original abstract paintings every piece is unique

personal abstract figure painting - mother

This painting called Painting Mother was created for a special occasion.

Semi abstract art imaginative original painting Visitors II
semi abstract art – visitors II
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original abstract art Stories
original abstract figure art – stories
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mysterious abstract figure paintings Intrusion
mysterious abstract figure paintings – intrusion
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mysterious figure paintings for sale. contemporary figure art observe original semi abstract figure paintings
semi abstract figure paintings – observe
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interesting original painting Visitors
abstract figures – personal paintings – visitors
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See how these mysterious figure paintings were created

The human figure is one of the most painted subjects, why? Through our lives we spend a lot of time looking at people - our family, friends, relations, colleagues, strangers. We look closely at their facial expression and body language as part of the communication process. We see every emotion in the figures, love, hate, concern, sympathy, jealousy, antipathy, caution and many more. We assess the person’s emotional state so we can respond accordingly. Artists want to capture that emotion so that the painting communicates with you the viewer. These paintings do not describe a person or even a feature such as an eye, accurately but abstract the figure to capture the essence – a mixture of expression and body language.

See how thes Hat Paintings were created 

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hat paintings cowboy

Hat paintings -  The painting of hats has been a delight for this artist. The many shapes, colours and tilt create a character. I let the hat do the talking and do not put in facial details for example. This particular example  has the rather obvious title of Cowboy but it works. It is an abstract figure painting with a hat plus a neckerchief as the main features all in glorious watercolour.

This war series of paintings have been exhibited in the Mall Gallery and Crypt Gallery in London