Geometric paintings for sale from the artist. An individual alternative


Buy geometric paintings unlike any other directly from the artist. Diverse unusual geometric art to engage you in a a different way. Connect with the colours and angles in these examples of today's geometric abstraction. Each piece is unique and diverse showing a different view of the world we live in. They are all original abstract paintings, there are no prints available, and you purchase art directly from the artist with a written guarantee of originality. Please enjoy these geometric paintings...

The three geometrical paintings below are recent and show my trend towards incoporating minimalism and surrealism

geometrical surreal art
geometrical paintings for sale- rectangular art called blue yonder
original geometric surreal art- look up!

The two geometric paintings for sale below are fairly new and I am striving to say as much as I can with as little as possible. That could be minimalism but the geometric shapes qualify them for this section perhaps.

And the two below are a taste of before and after... the one on the left is about four years old and the one on the right is much more recent.

geometric paintings for sale expressionism from uk artist - seek
geometric paintings for sale abstraction paintings - engage

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geometric paintings for sale from the artist rectangular art - almost

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geometrical paintings for sale original colourful art -honour
geometric abstract art called My Way

The three paintings above are examples of my older geometrical paintings for sale all inspired by the same thing but  I cannot articulate it in words. They have been exhibited with The Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour as part of the annual open.

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geometric paintings for sale geometric-abstract art passing freight

The three paintings above were painted in Santa Fe NM. The long trains crossing the desert are a sight to behold - power and strength - I tried to capture that in the art.

These four here are clearly geometric paintings. I painted them long before I knew anything about geometrical art and how much I would come to paint.

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Abstract Geometric Art - different kinds of geometric paintings for sale from the artist


Individuality is the key to creating a difference. Unusual geometric abstraction can create a hitherto unseen picture in a painting. The artist Alan Brain always aims to add something special to the art world. His own unique style can be seen here online - original abstract paintings that are truly different.