about Alan Brain


contemporary  artist and art teacher

An English artist who uses colour and space with symbolism to express emotion. His individualism and refusal to conform sets his work apart.

An art teacher who helps artists of all levels to get heart into their art - to express their own personality and become truly expressive painters.  

I discovered painting over twenty years ago when I attended a watercolour class with some friends.

It led to a change of direction that I have never regretted. Today, painting is my passion. I find inspiration from within myself and my artwork is driven by my life’s experiences.

Such as flying... as a pilot the sky and the weather with its ever changing moods fascinates me, as does the vast open space and amazing colours. The sense of quiet calmness that can be felt in a large building or in a wide flat open area pleases me – obviously this comes from too much time spent in hangers and airfields!

Escaping from the stress of the office... I ran a demanding business for some years and learnt to value the time I could spend alone. Time to think, consider and just be. This love of quietness, solitude, is probably within all my artwork but this is tempered with something else, I am not sure what it is but it is something to do with that threat to my quiet time. I must keep looking.

There is more to do! That "certain feeling" which I have captured only in part, drives me to explore, to seek it out and to express it in paint if I can. The challenge is irresistible. That is why I paint. It has taken over from flying and my business world.

and I love it!

Creator of Visible Feelings

My paintings are "visible feelings" along my journey of self-discovery. They express the passions which have moulded me into who I am. It is an exciting and sometimes disturbing journey, that's okay in fact

it's brilliant!

some examples of my work...

contemporary war paintings

haunting painting – Facing Death

This haunting painting is about facing death. The colours are subdued and cold, the "eye" is hypnotising. Is the small figure on the way to infinity or at least addressing the...
Quiet calm contemporary art - Lonesome Town

abstract desert art – lonesome town

Driving towards Winslow Arizona listening to the Eagles filled me with expectations of a buzzing place. it was a Lonesome Town with an almost abandoned feeling. I had to paint...
minimal artwork in watercolour - remember Skip

Minimal Artwork – Remember Skip

watercolour has wonderful qualities such as luminosity which is used in a piece of minimal artwork here. Creating more with less is a challenge and this painting is intended to...
surreal art about polluting our planet

art about polluting our planet – carbon footprint

We are polluting the planet and endangering our very existence. That is the message from climate experts and well respected people such as David Attenborough. Many do not want to...
exciting geometric art - target

exciting geometric art – Target!

exciting geometric art inspired by flight The sensation of flying close to other aircraft is captured here in this painting inspired by aerial combat. It is an exciting feeling...
beautiful geometric -minimalism-paintings-Away-38x36-0818

geometric art with a minimal touch – away!

Geometry in art has existed since art began but we tend to look at it as a modern phenomenon, perhaps that is because we live in a geometric world of man made structures....
minimal watercolour painting by alan brain art - elegance

minimal watercolour painting – elegance

watercolour is a wonderful medium for artists because it is so versatile. It can be used strongly for rich powerful colours or, as in this painting, more subtly and a little...
world war one art Flanders by Alan Brain

world war one art – Flanders, a soldier’s journey

Soldiers in Flanders experienced many hardships as well as death. This world war one art attempts to capture a soldier's feelings at the start of his tour of duty it - is a...
minimal expressionism - interactionss

minimal expressionism in watercolour – interactions

 Paintings can be described in many ways and this is an example of minimalism. This art is an example in watercolour. Rectangular shapes are not fully described  but are just...

Art Teacher with a Difference

I have been to many art courses and learnt how to paint. I heard very little about finding what to paint and how to find your own way. That vital ingredient is what I base my tuition on - it's how to...

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Alan Brain is a contemporary abstract artist and art teacher working in Highcliffe, Dorset England. He creates  "that certain feeling" in his work that cannot be articulated with words. His artwork has been recognised globally in USA, Canada, France, Mexico and in the UK. The American Watercolor Society, Canadian Society and the Royal Watercolour Society have exhibited his paintings. Other individual shows have been at The Mall and St. Pancras Galleries in London.

Alan is an art teacher and runs his workshops called Painting with Feeling from his studio. One to one tuition is available there.

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