Minimalist Painting


This piece of minimal art is in watercolour - it is simple to look at but engaging. The colour is the first connection then the few small but important shapes trigger the imagination. The colours set the mood and the ochres used here produce the mood. Then the shapes set the scale giving the belief of space and aloofness.

Normally minimal art like any abstract art makes the viewer  decide what the painting is about and that is far more powerful than representational paintings where all is explained by the image.

Tranquility - serenity are two words to associate with this piece.

Colour intensities are used to enable the viewer to appreciate the complete painting without the interruption of anything brash and distracting.

Minimal art should appear simple, but it is not easy to create and this example has a limited geometric design.  

minimal art by UK artist
Original Painting
Watercolour on paper
72 x 53 cm : 28 x 21 ins



unframed including shipping anywhere

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