Alan Brain Art

original abstract paintings

Aerobility Aviators Ball Art Auction

You can preview here the paintings to be auctioned at this year's Aviators Ball. The annual ball is a leading event in aviation circles consisting of dinner, dancing, entertainment and the auction. Donations to the auction are made by many leading companies and individuals such as Alan Brain. The art here has been donated by Alan, he is a pilot as well as an artist, and a long standing supporter of Aerobility. Please enjoy this preview and look out for the silent auction to bid online. 

contemporary surreal paintings- high dive

contemporary surreal paintings by UK artist – high dive

Contemporary surreal art - High Dive   throwing yourself into space from a high diving board or launching yourself off a cliff with a glider on your back, there are many ways to take a High Dive. This painting attempts to capture that feeling. It is one of a...
new surrealism by alan brain - breaking out

new surrealism – breaking out

Surreal Paintings For Sale   Have you ever experienced that sense of excitement and freedom when you release yourself from being held back? I am sure you have. Then you can probably relate to this painting - Breaking Out! the release of bonds and the excitement...

contemporary surrealism – over the moon!

Surreal Paintings For Sale   Most of us are lucky enough to experience a feeling of being over the moon sometimes during our lives  and that is the inspiration for this painting. We get the feeling when we accomplish something challenging and worthwhile such as...
new surreal paintings -Toppling

New Surreal Paintings for sale – Toppling

Unsteady, ready to fall, and where will you land? An unsettling situation portrayed here using surrealism. Surreal art today is not necessarily like that of Dali. One's imagination can take you beyond melting clocks. Symbols together with some recognisable shapes give...

There are a lot of items being auctioned as well as the art including a visit to the Red Arrows

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