Original Minimalist Painting


Let your imagination take you away with this rectangular minimal painting. The subtle shifts of colour in the large rectangle can be intriguing and the lights and brights around the border add to that feeling. A minimalist painting with a geometric design painted in mostly muted watercolour with just a little acrylic in places.

Art is about creating something that has never been seen before, something unique. Few can copy a truly minimal painting and minimal rectangular paintings are particularly difficult. They are  not common and add something different and unique to art, paintings that trigger your imagination and let it flow.

rectangular minimal painting - lights and brights
Original Painting
Watercolour on paper
72 x 57 cm : 28 x 23 ins

lights and brights


unframed including shipping anywhere

Alan Brain has been painting minimal art for several years with the challenge of saying more with less. Rectangular minimal paintings allow for one large shape to be filled with subtle colour changes and the borders can have brighter colours with symbols that may or may not be identifyable. It all adds to the interest and intrigue what is what the artist aims for. A series of mimal rectangular paintings is being prepared for exhibition with The Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour

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